The twenty-two year old artist you wanna dive into, groove with while sipping on your morning-coffee or having your favorite drink on a late afternoon.

Thilo’s musical influences can be traced back to growing up in local Gospel choir in his hometown and listening to RnB & Pop from the 2000s up to now: From Justin Timberlake and Aaliyah to Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean and so on.

His contemporary RnB sound unites all of these influences and creates a mellow, dreamy Westcoast vibe that entices its audience into a different world, while always keeping one foot in reality.

Thilo writes on topics we all can relate to: personal development, experience on growing up in our world and relationships. All of which strike a chord with our generation. You find his music right in between easiness, youth and soft realizing melancholy.

Thilo’s music is so accessible and catchy that you will definitely enjoy lingering in between dream and reality.
He already released 5 singles and is working towards an EP release in early 2021.

Thilo - Pressefoto 1 - Credits: Capadol


Forddamm 5
12107 Berlin